WATCH: Andrew Bolt issues warning to Grace Tame

Host tells Avi Yemini that Tame should 'watch out'

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Political commentator Andrew Bolt has issued a warning to controversial former Australian of the year Grace Tame in an interview with Rebel News journalist Avi Yemini.

Bolt said that Tame should 'watch out' in reference to comments she made online suggesting the Sky News host was 'minimising domestic violence' after he acknowledged Yemini's prior summary offence was not the reason he was stopped from boarding a flight to New Zealand to report on an anti-government protest.

An Interpol leak has confirmed Yemini and fellow reporter Rukshan Fernando were politically profiled by NZ authorities in a bid to stop the two from entering the country based on a false and misleading article published in The New Zealand Herald just 24 hours prior.

Yemini's summary offence did not meet the threshold for refusal of travel to country, despite false claims to the counter spread across social media.

"I do warn certain people, Avi, like Grace Tame, the former Australian of the year," he said.

"I have said I don't sue people, right, I have said that and I probably won't.

"But one day, maybe I will snap and I will sue, because saying that I excused pedophiles, she didn't say that, but domestic violence and all that - I don't.

"And they should watch out, they should watch out apart from just doing the right thing."

Tame said on social media that Bolt had 'conflated' free speech and crime to 'normalise abuse' on national television.

"Andrew Bolt, you’re a disgrace. Australians are being beaten in their homes daily. They’re being murdered weekly," she said.

"Domestic violence is an epidemic. And you’re enabling it."

Several mainstream Australian and New Zealand publications printed the incorrect reason for Yemini's ban and are still yet to correct the record after the leak was revealed.


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