Anti-Israel cancer spreads as another Toronto university encampment pops up

As quickly as it appeared, an anti-Israel encampment set up at York University was removed on Thursday.

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Like a malignant cancer, a pro-Hamas encampment is now occupying the lawns of York University in north Toronto. It is smaller, albeit similar, to the festering tent city that is Hogtown’s original “Little Gaza”, which has been occupying the lawns of King’s College Circle at the University of Toronto for more than a month now.

The York U encampment is called the “York Popular University for Palestine”, presumably because “Narnia” was already taken. It went up in the wee hours of June 5.

Rebel News visited the encampment last Wednesday but found the unhappy campers were unable to articulate their demands. This is most likely because an older fellow, who we highly doubt to be a student, went from cluster-to-cluster yelling, “Don’t talk to the guy with the hat!”

Alas, we assume the squatters are in lockstep with their fellow Hitler Youth Movement members down at the U of T who want that university to divest itself of any ties with Israeli institutions. Good luck on that demand, unless the university wants to go backwards in terms of scholarly advancement.

There were other similarities. Even though the COVID-19 masking mandates are long gone, almost all of the York U campers were wearing face diapers. And there was the du rigueur signage calling for genocide.

And there was an illegal fire burning, although we have no idea if it was being maintained by “Indigenous firekeepers.” That’s the situation at U of T, which apparently makes it ok. Whatever.

Security guards were on site but were merely observing. No Toronto police were spotted.

Rebel News sent the following five queries to York University’s media relations department:

  1. Will York U, much like the University of Calgary did last month, call the police to take down the encampment and issue trespass charges?
  2. If not, why not?
  3. How long will York U tolerate this encampment?
  4. What is the university’s position regarding signage at the encampment calling for genocide (i.e., “intifada”?)
  5. Does York U plan on acquiescing to any of the demands of the squatters (i.e., cutting ties with Israeli institutions?)

Unlike U of T, however, it seems administrators at York were less inclined to support this encampment. On Thursday morning, police said the university requested the tents be removed. And so it was, this filthy tent city was gone as quick as it appeared.

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