Aussie PM's sudden engagement amid popularity slump raises eyebrows

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese faces criticism for announcing his engagement to partner Jodie Haydon as his leadership faces challenges on multiple fronts.

Aussie PM's sudden engagement amid popularity slump raises eyebrows
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Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has come under fire for what has been labelled as a diversionary tactic following his announcement of his engagement to longtime partner Jodie Haydon.

The announcement's curious timing amid growing concerns over the cost of living crisis, criticisms over Middle East policy and the continued fallout from the failed Voice to Parliament referendum has raised eyebrows.

Taking to X, formerly Twitter, on Thursday morning, Albanese shared the news, posting a photo of the couple with the caption "she said yes."

While the announcement garnered well-wishes from political figures, social media users were quick to express their discontent. One user criticised, "It’s great that I can’t afford to live but my tax dollars paid for that ring," accompanied by a middle finger emoji. Another demanded attention to national issues, commenting, "Fix the economy and this country."

Critics accused the Prime Minister of using the engagement as a distraction from ongoing crises, including economic challenges and international policy controversies.

Despite the backlash, Albanese's Labor colleagues, including Foreign Affairs Minister Penny Wong and Victorian MP Pater Khalil, congratulated the couple, emphasising the personal significance of the news.

While the engagement marks a personal milestone for Albanese and Haydon, it has stirred debate about the timing of such announcements amid pressing national and global concerns.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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