Australian actress Holly Valance calls for unity amid global unrest

In a candid conversation during the ARC Forum launch in London, Australian actress Holly Valance shared her concerns about the growing extremism on city streets, emphasising the importance of community service.

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In an interview at the ARC Forum launch in London, Australian actress Holly Valance expressed her deep concern over the rising wave of extremism gripping city streets around the world.

Valance questioned the paradox of individuals labelling others as fascists while endorsing racist ideologies themselves.

Reflecting on the war against Hamas and the rise in anti-Israel sentiments around the globe, Valance revealed her sleepless nights, haunted by nightmares about the conflict.

She condemned the aggression and hatred spilling onto London's streets, emphasising her empathy for all innocent victims caught in the crossfire.

When asked about her passionate stance, Valance asserted her humanity, and pointed out the collective responsibility of all walks of life to serve the community.

She echoed Jordan Peterson's message at the ARC Forum, underscoring the importance of unity and selflessness.

The ARC Forum, billed as an 'antidote to the World Economic Forum,' has brought in over 1500 conservative-leaning delegates from around the world to London for the inaugural conference.

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