Australian eSafety commissioner tries to censor terror attack video

Rebel News contributor Ian Miles Cheong tells Ezra Levant how Australia's digital censor has been trying to stop a video of an Islamist terror attack in Sydney from being shared online.

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Despite an initial delay, police in Sydney, Australia, confirmed what Rebel News first reported: the stabbing of a bishop was motivated by terrorism. Broadcast live through the church's livestream of its service, video of the attack was shared widely online.

Video of the attack circulating online, however, were ordered to be removed on X (Twitter), Facebook and Instagram by Australian eSafety Commissioner Julie Inman Grant.

On Tuesday night's episode of The Ezra Levant ShowRebel News contributor and prolific X user Ian Miles Cheong joined the show to detail the secret demand the platform received from the Aussie government.

Explaining the complaint against his post, Ian told Ezra how the eSafety Commissioner Julie Inman Grant provided few details as her office swooped in to “protect” citizens from the video:

No details were given. X is extremely transparent, and they didn't provide me any details with this. She simply took action and tried to take these videos down. Now, keep in mind, I'm not a citizen of Australia, she has no jurisdiction over me. Nor does she have any jurisdiction over X, for that matter.

And yet she somehow sees fit to try to remove a bit of news that is not to her liking. Now, keep in mind, when it was posted I personally flagged it as sensitive. So, you do have to toggle the safety thing to turn it off and actually see it.

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