WATCH: Christian pastor's call to UNITE with Jewish community

Australian minister Mark Leach urges Christians to support Jewish community amid rising hatred

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In Brisbane, at the Church and State Summit, Anglican minister Mark Leach highlighted the pressing need for Australian Christians to rally around the Jewish community in the face of increasing hostility. Leach's powerful remarks underscored the imperative for solidarity against rising antisemitism.

Mark, who gained attention for his brave stand against anti-Israel protests in Sydney, recounted his experience and highlighted the importance of taking action.

"Someone's got to show up and provide an alternate voice," he remarked, reflecting on his decision to confront heated crowds during a hate-fuelled demonstration.

"I stood on the steps of the cathedral...waving the Israeli flag," Mark recounted, describing the moment he faced hostility from the mob. Despite threats, he remained resolute in his mission to combat hatred and bigotry.

Through his organisation, Never Again is Now, Leach is mobilising both Christian and secular communities to stand against radical Islam and the far left. He stressed the need for solidarity with the Jewish community, highlighting the fear and intimidation many Jews face in Australia.

"We organised a massive event...had 12,000 people out in Sydney," he stated, outlining the progress of his movement. Despite challenges, he remains committed to pushing back against hate and renewing Australian culture.

In discussing the response from the Anglican Church, mark acknowledged differing views but emphasised the importance of unity in the face of prejudice. He expressed concern over the cultural narratives that lead some Christians to support antisemitic rhetoric, urging a return to truth and solidarity.

As Mark concluded his remarks, he pointed to the need for positivity and action.

"We can't give up. It's not an option," he declared, urging viewers to spread awareness and join the fight against hatred.

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