WATCH: Avi Yemini confronts STALKER and you won't believe how it ends!

Rebel reporter comes face-to-face with a far left-wing menace on the streets of Melbourne.

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In the midst of celebrating Dan Andrews' resignation on the streets, I found myself face-to-face with a familiar menace, Christopher Johnson.

For those who follow my work, Johnson is no stranger – he’s the obsessed stalker who has hounded my every step at rallies and events, hungering for my attention in his relentless pursuit.

Last week, during the jubilant atmosphere of the street celebration, my security guard spotted Johnson in the crowd, his camera lens fixed on me.

His fixation has been evident for years, with a disturbing pattern of stalking and harassment. As he openly took pictures of the crowd with his work lanyard clearly displayed as an employee of Fire Rescue Victoria, I decided to address his obsession head-on.

In the heated exchange that followed, Johnson resorted to baseless allegations, branding me a 'wife basher.'

Let me again set the record straight: I have never struck a woman in my life, let alone my ex-wife, as he, like many of my haters, often falsely claim and spread on social media.

Yes, I did plead guilty to a minor charge in the past, a decision made to protect my relationship with my children during a challenging time. As I have written all about in my book A Rebel From The Start, I chose my kids over my reputation, a choice I would make again without hesitation.

As our confrontation unfolded, Johnson’s aggression escalated, culminating in a shocking act of violence against a female attendee. Swift police intervention led to his removal from the scene to the cheers of the crowd, underscoring the dangerous obsession that has consumed him.

My commitment to truth and integrity remains unshaken, and I will continue to stand firm against those who seek to tarnish my name and reputation.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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