Dennis Prager destroys mainstream media narrative on Israel-Hamas war

While in London, Avi Yemini spoke with the PragerU founder about coverage of the ongoing Middle East conflict.

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While reporting in London, Rebel News' Avi Yemini caught up briefly with Dennis Prager, founder of PragerU, to get his thoughts on the conflict currently raging between Israel and Hamas. 

Much of the ongoing debate surrounding the war has to do with the disproportionate casualty rate between Israelis and Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip. "If these reporters lived in the 1940s they would have said, 'look at how many Germans are dead,'" said Dennis. "Look at how many Japanese are dead. Not asking, why are they dead?"

"Every dead German was dead because of Hitler. Every dead Japanese was dead because of Hirohito and the Japanese fascists. Every dead Palestinian is dead because of the Palestinians."

Asked about the world's reaction to the horrific attacks in Israel that broke out on October 7 and dwindling support for Israel, Dennis commented on the nature of evil and how hard it is for individuals to understand.

"I've said all my life it is not true that evil is dark. People can look into the dark. Evil is so bright people cannot look at it," he said. 

Going back to the Cold War, institutions like academia and the media have drawn a moral equivalence between liberty and tyranny. In that case, the conflict between the United States and the communist regime of the USSR was framed as a clash of "two superpowers," essentially removing any moral dimension.

"Moral equivalence is the human way of not confronting evil," Dennis added. "That is the norm and that's exactly what we're seeing now, as if there is a moral equivalence between Israel and Hamas. He referenced a debate he took place in at Oxford eight years ago on a similar topic, arguing that Hamas is a greater obstacle to peace than Israel, saying that he could have delivered the same remarks today.

"Most Jews have not been able to acknowledge that vast numbers of Muslims want Israel eradicated," Dennis said. He argued that Jewish people around the world need to wake up to the threat of radical Islam and leftism and stop thinking peace will come with more concessions being made.

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