British Columbia reverses COVID-19 info-grabbing mandate, but upholds ban on thousands of healthcare workers

The province's vaccine mandate displaced hundreds of healthy nurses from the health-care system, as vaccinated nurses flee the profession in droves, leaving the province pledging to spend millions of dollars to try and attract foreign nurses.

BC reverses COVID-19 info-grabbing mandate, but upholds ban on thousands of Healthcare Workers
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British Columbia has terminated a COVID-19 vaccination order that compelled regulated healthcare professionals to disclose their COVID-19 vaccination status to licensing colleges, who in turn shared that information with the province and post-secondary institutions.

The new order, which replaces the Health Professionals COVID-19 Vaccination Status Information order issued in June 2022, was signed by British Columbia's Health Officer Doctor Bonnie Henry and was quietly posted on the official government website last Friday.

A spokesperson for Dr. Henry wrote, "the collection and disclosure by the regulatory colleges of vaccination status information of registrants is no longer needed to support the pandemic response," in an emailed statement to the CBC.

The statement naturally raises the question: if the province admits there is no need to know whether or not medical professionals are working closely with patients in settings such as private practices, why hasn’t B.C. also dropped its COVID order that prohibits unvaccinated healthcare professionals from working in hospitals and community settings?

In a statement to Rebel News, Victoria-based lawyer Umar Sheik called the government's decision to drop the vaccine information order while keeping its order blocking other essential health-care workers from providing care "perplexing and indicative of a government demonstrating that they continue to be willing to make decisions absent data and couch those as 'science.'"

Dr. Henry and NDP Health Minister Adrian Dix have faced heavy criticism for allowing the COVID mandate, which resulted in the termination of thousands of vaccine-free healthcare workers, to persist. The province's struggle with healthcare staffing shortages, contributing to emergency room closures, critical ambulance wait times and worker fatigue, has worsened since the mandate was put in place.

Sheikh’s firm, Sheik Law, is currently representing close to 40 paramedics taking legal action against the provincial government due to its COVID-19 mandate still preventing them from saving British Columbians' lives through their profession. A notice of civil claim was filed in February on behalf of the group, which could staff 24 ambulances if rehired, according to Sheik.

“The healthcare system in British Columbia has been and continues to be heavily reliant on overtime hours for staffing coverage. In that environment, this government saw fit to fire hundreds of healthcare workers and ban them from providing the care and services that British Colombians desperately need. The predictable and obvious outcome was the crisis in our health care system that has been created as a result,” added Sheik.

Despite vaccinated nurses leaving the profession in droves, and the province pledging to spend millions of dollars to try and attract foreign nurses, the province's vaccine mandate displaced hundreds of healthy nurses from the healthcare system.

Corinne Mori, who served as an ER nurse in B.C.’s interior before being terminated, tells Rebel News she believes Dr. Henry’s latest order is useless, and called the public health official a master at creating "public health orders that actually cause public health disorders."

“The coercion to force disclosure of personal information violates human rights law, employment law and collective agreements” stated Mori. “And the one Public Health Order that would give Bonnie professional credibility, identify an authentic commitment to public protection, and indicate some level of competency, is intentionally blocked from her office.”

Mori is also part of a group that’s taken legal action against the tyrannical mandates. The BC Nurses Fight Mandates have filed complaints against the BC Nurses Union for failing to represent them. According to Mori, that legal push led the union to take their grievances to arbitration, scheduled for March 2024.

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