Be safe and obey: Should Canadians follow mandatory mask laws?

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Since the middle of April, a group of locals have been gathering every Saturday from 12-3 pm in front of Cobourg, Ontario’s historic Victoria Hall.

Brought together by concerns about the COVID-19 lockdown, there are broad issues addressed within the group: Government overreach; unelected public servants issuing mandates regarding masks and behaviour; and what they deem to be falsified data and pseudo-science put out by Public Health.

One thing remains constant, however: while their views may differ, they wholeheartedly agree with the individual’s right to freedom of expression.

No COVID-19 In County, Mandatory Masks Anyway

Despite all cases of COVID-19 being declared resolved in Northumberland County as of Friday, July 31st, the local Medical Officer of Health, Lynn Noseworthy, implemented a mask mandate for the area.

After months of questioning the science-based decision making that has already impacted their community, the individuals gathering outside Victoria Hall are now questioning the justification for increased impositions.

One thing became clear as I interviewed some passersby: some people were under the impression that the mask mandate was legislated law, because the verbiage used in official statements makes it sound as such.

When you watch my report, you’ll notice that the woman handing out free homemade masks could not attest to the filtering capacity of the fabrics she used. You’ll also probably notice that some of the strongest voices condemning the Victoria Hall demonstrators came from people who weren’t wearing masks themselves!

Interview with PPE Developer: False Sense Of Security

A brief interview with Ron Mitchell, who helped develop PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for many years — he has a filtering cartridge named after him! —provides great insight into how the mask mandate offers nothing more than a false sense of security for those screaming about safety.

This group in Cobourg says they will continue to meet until restrictions end completely and we get back to normal.

Since the Health Unit orders have no specified end date, nor has the government released any sort of criteria that determines the “safety” of such, it looks like they may be in it for the long haul.

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  • By Ezra Levant


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  • By Ezra Levant

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