'Bill Gates, you're not welcome here': Anti-globalism rally outside Vancouver TED Talk targets Microsoft founder

The conference, which also features Elon Musk and Al Gore, runs from from April 10-4.

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“Bill Gates, you're not welcome here!”

That was the “Super Protest” slogan that attracted around 600 people to the Vancouver Convention Centre this past Sunday, where day one of the 2022 TED Conference is taking place.

The conference, where billionaire Bill Gates shares the speakers' list with big names such as Tesla CEO Elon Musk and former Democratic  presidential candidate Al Gore, runs from April 10–14.

In-person admission was included for those who paid a TED membership fee, ranging from $5,000-$250,000, and who had been fully vaccinated — despite the province of British Columbia no longer mandating vaccine passports for gatherings and events.

“These are globalists and they are trying to dictate to us how we are going to be living” and that’s “not happening,” said Marcella Desjarlais, a leader from the activist group called Stand United.

Desjarlais was one of 20 people to organize the anti-globalism event that was focused on Gates and hosted speakers such as Vaccine Choice Canada president Ted Kuntz and Ontario-based activist Chris Sky, as well as BC Doctors on Tour who have been travelling across the province to educate people before they vaccinate.

Unlike other protests and events I’ve covered at the Convention Centre, a large green gate had been placed around the majority of the centre, which prevented the protest organizers from setting up as close as they had initially planned to.

“You know what, we’re still going to be here, angle it so people can see us down the road, so people can hear us, and we’re just loud and proud” to be here, said Desjarlais.

Towards the end of the protest, Chris Sky led the group to the front of the Vancouver Convention Centre, where hundreds chanted “arrest Bill Gates.”

While on scene, a Vancouver police officer told myself and a few protesters that Gates was not in the building while the protest was taking place.

Watch what unfolded during the protest and hear from some people who travelled from as far away as Prince George to attend.

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