Politically punished doctors go on tour to tell the other side of the COVID-19 story

‘What the truckers started, is up to doctors to finish’, said Dr. Kevin Sclater, one of two new faces to join the tour.

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As British Columbia’s COVID-19 vaccine mandates for health-care workers continues to press on, so does the growing list of B.C. physicians breaking their silence on the politically-driven COVID-19 narrative.

Unfortunately, some have had already had to pay a price for doing so.

This past Saturday, I caught up with Doctors on Tour during their stop to present in front approximately 200 people in White Rock, B.C. The group has been travelling across the province since late last year to educate Canadians before they, or their children, are vaccinated for COVID-19.

“What the truckers started, is up to doctors to finish” said Dr. Kevin Sclater, one of two new faces to join the tour.

Dr. Sclater said the Freedom Convoy’s ability to “bring Canadians together under one flag, and to be proud of a group of people fighting for freedom and vaccine choice” was “remarkable,” and further explained his struggles with having to worry about the consequences of publicly sharing his medical opinions on COVID-19 over the past two years.

After the presentations ended, I caught up with family doctors Dr. Stephen Malthouse, a founder of the Canadian COVID Care Alliance, and who recently had his licence suspended for issuing exemption letters, and Dr. Sofia Bayfield, who after digesting B.C.'s public health officers' recent threat to forbid regulated health-care workers from caring for patients, had her confidential letter to patients published by the North Shore News.

At Rebel News we don’t just fight to bring you the other side of the story like these brave doctors do, we also fight for medical freedom in Canada. If you haven't joined that fight, please consider making a charitable donation at FightVaccinePassports.com. We have partnered with The Democracy Fund to help hire lawyers and challenge vaccine mandates and policies across the country.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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