BREAKING: Police try to CANCEL Freedom Ball in Sydney

Organisers vow to continue outside with free for all celebration

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New South Police have swooped to shut down the Freedom Ball due to take place tomorrow evening.

Police attended the Le Montage and successfully pressured the venue into cancelling the eagerly anticipated, pre-paid event. A high-ranking superintendent was seen leaving the premises after apparently organising the cancellation. The superintendent did not answer any questions before driving away.

On Wednesday the 15, Covid health restrictions come to end – which begs the question, why are police interested in shutting down the Freedom Ball?

The event is organised as a celebration to mark the end of medical segregation and discrimination.

Despite the venue being off-limits, the Freedom Ball will go ahead outside – beyond the reach of police intimidation – as a Christmas Summer soiree.

They have forced a private venue where we were having a lawfully organised event – it’s been cancelled because the New South Wales Police have put pressure on the owners for the sole reason that we are ‘somehow’ protesting against the government,” said United Australia Party leader, Craig Kelly.

They see this as an anti-government rally. This is how you expect the police to operate in communist China – or communist countries – but this is what is happening in New South Wales today.”

There were half a dozen officers sent to the Le Montage on Tuesday, supposedly in response to content posted online by pro-vaccine mandate activists.

Police say they were worried about the safety of the event. Instead of protecting the event from hateful content, police decided to pressure the organisers to shut it down – kowtowing to the threats of online bullies and activists.

We’ve been getting phone calls, we get stuff on social media – so the police are just worried about safety,” said John Navarra, Director of Le Montage. “You’re doing a great job, my friend, and I believe in what you do but unfortunately we’ve got people that have put fear into my staff. I’ve just had another person ring me up and cancel.”

The venue will provide beverages to the Freedom gathering on the foreshore.

“It’s good people like you that should be defended,” added John Navarra.

Given that the Federal Liberal Party is pushing to crack down on online hate speech and trolls, it seems odd that the New South Wales Liberal Party would allow online threats to close an event dedicated to the Australian spirit of Freedom.

If a Freedom event is cancelled by hate, what does that say about the state of Australia?

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  • By Avi Yemini

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