BREAKING: Tommy Robinson Has Been Released

Tommy has been released with strict conditions that include handing in his passport, not going north of Red Deer, Alberta and regular check-ins with Canadian authorities.

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Last night Tommy Robinson was arrested immediately after giving a speech at a Rebel News event in Calgary. Four undercover police and four uniformed police grabbed him and bundled him into an SUV and sped away — not telling him what he was charged with or where they were taking him. Here, watch the shocking video:

I immediately got on the phone to Calgary’s leading criminal lawyer, who went straight to work. Step one was finding out where Tommy was taken. Step two was trying to get him released from custody, even if it meant agreeing to certain conditions. We didn’t want him to spend the night in jail. We tracked Tommy down to the main federal building in Calgary, where he was being questioned by immigration officials.

That’s a laugh — I didn’t know that Canada ever stopped anyone from coming into the country, legal or not. Of course, Tommy isn’t a bogus refugee or someone just coming here to take advantage of taxpayer generosity — he was on a speaking tour. But that’s the problem: Tommy’s message of freedom of speech and opposition to mass migration could be the real the reason he was arrested.

The lawyer we hired was able to talk to the police officer in charge, and just after midnight Tommy was released on the condition that he surrender his passport, not leave the country, and not leave southern Alberta and check in three times a week at the federal building. Bizarrely, this order is indefinite — there is no court date for him. He’s trapped.

I’m meeting Tommy this morning to come up with a plan — last night’s goal was simply to get him out of police custody. Today we’ll huddle with lawyers to see what we can do to lift those remaining conditions on him.

We want him to be able to finish his speaking tour with us, and to visit other great Canadians like Jordan Peterson, who had invited Tommy to appear on his podcast.

There’s a lot going on, so I’ll keep you posted at the website we’re using for this project: www.TommyTrial.comIf you are able to help us chip in to pay for the lawyers we’ve hired, please do — even a few dollars makes a difference. Obviously, Justin Trudeau has thrown a lot of manpower at this, and he has the unlimited resources of the state. We rely on crowdfunding so it’s a big of a David versus Goliath battle.

But we’re slowly winning, and hopefully we’ll have more good news for you soon.

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