Calvin Robinson on the WEF meetings in Davos: "This place is madness. It's like Disneyland for the Elites."

"They come from the same hive-mind. There is an echo chamber here. Everyone agrees with each other," Calvin Robinson told Lindell TV's Emerald Robinson on her show the Absolute Truth on the lack of skepticism from the MSM and big business about the World Economic Forum's extreme climate agenda.

Calvin Robinson on the WEF meetings in Davos:
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Calvin Robinson, an Anglican deacon and a contributor to British news outlet GB News, was part of the Rebel News team deployed to the Swiss resort town that hosts the annual WEF meetings, where the world's rich, powerful and well-connected convene to plot the future of society behind closed doors for the coming year.

While the WEF has a strong focus on fighting global warming, Robinson visited the local airstrip while in Davos to find the attendees were not practicing what they preach.

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