Canada no longer ranks as one of freest countries in the world, despite national anthem that refers to country as 'true north strong and free'

Freedoms erode and finances skyrocket, the two appear to go hand in hand.

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A recent report put out by the Fraser Institute gauging the Human Freedom Index for 2022 found that Canada now ranks at thirteenth on the human freedom scale.

The press release from January 26 reads:

"For the first time since 2012, Canada does not rank among the top 10 freest countries worldwide…

'During the pandemic, like other governments worldwide, governments in Canada restricted freedom of movement, expression, assembly and other freedoms even more than had in previous years,' said Fred McMahon, resident fellow at the Fraser Institute and co-author of this year’s Human Freedom Index.

The index measures personal freedom—the rule of law, safety and security, identity and relationships (i.e. the freedom to choose your relationship partner), freedom of movement, speech, assembly and religion—alongside economic freedom, the ability of individuals to make their own economic decisions. This year, Canada ranks as the 13th freest country in the world (based on 2020 data, the earliest available) compared to 6th in last year’s ranking (based on 2019 data).

While we take no position on the necessity of COVID policies, they unquestionably limited freedom worldwide. From 2019 to 2020, 94.3 per cent of the world’s population experienced a decline in freedom.

Crucially, people in freer countries are more prosperous than those in less-free countries.”

It’s interesting to note that Canadian prosperity has been on a steady decline as constitutional rights and freedoms have been trampled on by all levels of government throughout the state-sanctioned compliance propaganda and fear narrative pushed incessantly on Canadians throughout the COVID-pandemonium.

One year ago, more than half of Canadians were unable to keep up with the cost of living as inflation has driven up the price of – well – basically everything.

This includes bank loans as the Bank of Canada has hiked interest rates by 4.25% since that time.

And Canadians are feeling it – 22% are completely out of money, and 52% are concerned that they might not have enough money to feed their family, 64% of whom are parents.

All of this comes as taxpayer-funded behavioural science teams find that the majority of Canadians have lost trust in institutions and government.

As determined by Reporters Without Borders, Canada ranks 19th out of 180 countries on their Press Freedom Index for 2022, down from number 14 in 2021.

Oddly, press freedom has been on a steady decline since 2015 when the Justin Trudeau Liberals were elected into federal office – a time when Canada was ranked within the top 10 at number eight on the index.

As the federal Liberals move to regulate internet content with sweeping censorship bills like Bill C-11 and contribute to inflation with radical green energy initiatives, will Canadians accept this trend of being less free and more financially enslaved in 2023 under progressive policies by out-of-touch liberals?

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