Canadian patriots wake up anti-Israel encampment at U of T with singing of national anthem

'Little Gaza' in Toronto faced off early Friday morning with counter-protesters singing Canada's national anthem. The university encampment enters its third week.

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Early Friday morning, a group of pro-freedom activists confronted anti-Israel, Marxist protestors at the University of Toronto with a public recitation of Canada's national anthem.

Salman Sima, a freedom activist and former political prisoner of the Islamic regime of Iran, posted an urgent call to wake up 'jihadists' and 'Hamas sympathizers' situated at a campus tent encampment.

"We will sing O' Canada and wave the Canadian flag," posted Sima to X, formerly Twitter. "Poor Jihadists won't be sleeping comfortably tonight," he claimed.

For weeks, the encampment has called for university administrators to sever ties to the Jewish state, amid a list of other demands. Protesters will continue to camp on school grounds until administrators comply.

There has been explicit support for the terrorist organization, Hamas, who orchestrated and carried out the October 7 terror attack against Israel. More than 1,200 civilians and foreign nationals were murdered, with several hundred taken hostage.

In response, the Israel Defence Forces launched an offensive operation to rescue the hostages and eliminate Hamas members with extreme prejudice.

Rebel News has covered several anti-Israel tent cities throughout Canada over the last several weeks, which propped up as a response to similar protests across American Universities last month.

Freedom activists entered campus at approximately 12:30am on Friday and witnessed firsthand how the occupation spiraled into apparent radicalization and extremism.

The University of Toronto erect fencing between the encampment and the tent city to maintain public safety. There were demonstrators every 50 metres guarding the tent city.

Almost a dozen campus security constables were on scene as well, with several vehicles strategically placed on the grounds. A security officer was blocking the road entrance with his car.

Awoken by the Canadian anthem, the occupants entered a frenzied state. Counter chants of "Free Palestine!" were heard across the campus.

On the fencing is several posters and banners sympathetic to the anti-Israel cause. 

One in particular praises U.S. airman, Aaron Bushnell, as a martyr. In late February, he set himself ablaze in front of the Israeli embassy in Washington D.C.

Another had a call to action to globalize the Intifada, a common chant heard amongst the anti-Israel crowd at their demonstration. Arabic for 'Rising up,' it’s been used previously to call for terror attacks, including stabbings, and suicide bombings against supporters of Israel.

Near 2:00 am, Sima and Daniel Bordman, senior correspondent for the National Telegraph, arrived on campus with their speaker system to the national anthem. Immediately the pro-Hamas crowd screamed: "All the Zionists are racists!" followed by calls for an Intifada.

The patriots, who waved Canadian flags, faced a tense stand-off that required campus police to step in and create a human divide between the two groups.

For almost an hour, repeats of O Canada and Jewish songs played to the disarray of the protesters, who flashed lights in the eyes of counter-protestors. Several smashed water jugs together to try and drown out the speaker system.

Rebel spoke with both organizers for their thoughts on the matter. Bordman pointed out that Canada is heading to a dark place when Jewish students are prevented from entering public grounds.

Sima called out Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who he said has supported the rhetoric at these protests. The former political prisoner condemned his lack of will power to put an end to the apparent radicalization and calls for violence.

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