'Canadians wake up, Communism is here': Pastor Artur Pawlowski

Following the recent arrest of another pastor in Alberta, Artur Pawlowski delivers a warning to guest host Tamara Ugolini on last night's Ezra Levant Show.

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Although he's now out of jail, Pastor Derek Reimer's legal troubles for protesting an all-ages drag event at a Calgary public library are only just beginning. While Reimer awaits the next step in this process — where the punishment itself can often be dealing with the glacial pace of the justice system — another persecuted pastor is weighing in on his situation.

Pastor Artur Pawlowski, who Rebel News viewers should be familiar with through our SaveArtur.com campaign, joined guest host Tamara Ugolini on last nights episode of The Ezra Levant Show to share his unique insights into what Reimer is going through.

Providing his perspective on how police have become even more politicized since the pandemic, Artur told Tamara:

Well when I was attacked for feeding the homeless in 2005, I was warning Canadians. I mean, I've received, so far, over 340 citations, over 100 court cases and 16 arrests. So I was yelling, if you will, from the rooftops 'Canadians wake up! Communism is here, communism is not coming, fascism is not coming, socialism is not coming — it's already here within our own gates.'

But at that time, Canadians were very comfortable, you know. They got their houses, their cars, their vacations so they're not really interested in hearing what a Polish immigrant that grew up behind the Iron Curtain under the boots of the Soviets — in Hell, if you will — had to say.

But now I believe more and more people are realizing what I was trying to tell them.

To learn more about what Pastor Artur Pawlowski experienced during the pandemic, you can revisit all of our coverage of his story at SaveArtur.com.

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