Carleton University students react to COVID-19 mandates on Canadian campuses

William Diaz-Berthiaume visits Carleton University’s campus, located in Ottawa, to figure out how students are feeling heading into the upcoming fall semester without COVID-19 mandates.

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In London, Ontario, Western University has taken the controversial decision of re-implementing both its mask and vaccine mandates on campus for all students, forcing its students to receive a third vaccine dose. 

Most universities across the country, however, have ended COVID-19 mandates, allowing students to attend classes without wearing a mask or showing proof of vaccination. Carleton University, the second university in Ottawa alongside the University of Ottawa, is no different.

In this field report, William Diaz-Berthiaume visits Carleton University’s campus to figure out what students think of mandates, and if they believe their university has made the right decision.

The general consensus was that it should be left up to students to determine whether or not they will be receiving a booster shot or wearing a mask. A tiny minority were in favour of Western University forcing its students to follow the restrictions their institution gave them.

If you agree with most of the students and think that universities should not force their students to receive a third vaccine dose, visit

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