Climate change disaster — or just a disaster?

Climate change zealots have seized the opportunity to turn the natural tragedy of B.C's. floods into political fodder.

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On November 16, much of British Columbia was brought to its knees after a fierce storm brought on heavy rains and various mudslides through the province.

Thousands of people were evacuated, leaving their homes — and in some cases, livestock — behind. At least four lives were claimed by the slides, and at least one person is still yet to be found.

This has been a tragedy of epic proportions emotionally and financially, but is that excuse enough for it to be used as a prime example of climate change?

Despite some of the areas hit the hardest — like the city of Abbotsford, which was formally Sumas Lake — having experienced devastating floods of similar proportions decades before, climate change zealots have seized the opportunity to turn this natural tragedy into political fodder.

Some even went as far as to point their finger at those who were victims to the storm.

In this report, I sat down to interview Michelle Stirling, the communications manager of the society for Friends of Science to discuss the other side of the story as to what the likely culprit was regarding the damage done.

If you have been affected by the flooding and mudslides & still need aid or assistance, you can apply for financial assistance here, and post your needs in a Facebook group set up to help in your area here.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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