One school in New York's Coney Island neighbourhood was housing migrants — without the consent of parents — in the building's gymnasium

A public school situated in Coney Island, NY, was housing migrants in the gym while children were attending their school classes.

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Since the influx of migrants has gotten out of control in the USA, New York City, which is a sanctuary city, is facing a real problem in terms of housing.

Not only is the government relocating migrants to different parts of the state, but they are housing the illegal aliens in hotels, homeless shelters, and the most horrific one, in a gymnasium in a public elementary school. 

Joe Biden stated that it will be chaotic for a while during the process to change Title 42 to Title 8 at the border. Title 42 is a public health law invoked during the pandemic to prevent the spread of COVID-19 that was also used as "a tool to manage and deter illegal border crossings." Title 8 seems more complex and contains all the country's immigration laws.

On May 16, parents, people from the community, and some councillors protested outside of the school to ask for the removal of the migrants from the school.

Following the backlash, the school was cleared out afterwards. Talking with a mother whose son goes to that school, she expressed how much she was concerned about the safety of her son.

“We were just concerned they might come with diseases, they might be criminals. We were just concerned about a lot of things, that was it.”

“You got 2000 people in a shelter right now, in a shelter system that's not being helped, but they're helping them,” she added, while also mentioning how citizens of this country are being left behind without the appropriate help.

This is a public school subsidized by the government which means that taxpayers are the ones paying for this. The mother expressed how she felt to not have been involved regarding the decision made to house migrants at her son's school.

“I blame the politicians because the politicians brought them here. Didn't even say a word. Then they tell us nothing.”

This story is really shocking and surprisingly didn’t receive a lot of media attention.

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