Convoy campers vow to stay 'as long as it takes'

Protesters relocate ahead of weekend as police enforce move-on notice

Convoy campers vow to stay 'as long as it takes'
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Convoy to Canberra protesters have vowed to continue to 'hold the line' as they prepare for a weekend of protesting in the nation's capital.

A number of camp sites have been established around the city as more trucks, caravans, cars and motorcycles continue to roll into the city from all states of Australia.

Earlier this morning, officers in full tactical gear and the dog squad arrived on site to issue move-on notices to the remaining campers on the grounds outside Parliament House.

A number of cars were towed away from the site, including a family car at the centre of an incident which was caught on camera where a senior officer is seen pushing a mother to the ground in front of her crying children as they tried to leave with the car.

Many of those at the camp shared their stories and goodwill with each other and I spoke with people from all walks of life, united around a common cause.

Yesterday scenes turned violent when a scuffle broke out after a 65yo woman was tackled and arrested by police.

Police pepper-sprayed protesters as the crowd sprang to her defence. A man in his 80s identified as a war veteran was injured in the incident.

As he was carried away many from the camp embraced him for standing up to the police.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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