DAY ONE: Exposing the WHO in Oxford and Liverpool

Rebel News went on tour in England with a video billboard van and a message — the WEF and the WHO do not belong here and Boris Johnson has sold us out to the globalists.

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The plan was simple, a cameraman and I would drive to various cities in England to prop up the billboard van, jump out and start documenting the trip. If time permitted, I would ask people what they thought of the sign and then set off to the next city to repeat the process.

This was the scene-setter for, where people can donate to help keep the billboard going. We had requests to come to Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, Ireland, the Netherlands, Germany, Australia, Canada, the U.S. and so on — it was truly wild seeing the messages and comments of support.

The route was also simple, we met the driver of the billboard van in East Croydon, and we put up a video, which you can see below, to outline the route — Oxford, Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield, Derby, Nottingham, Leicester, Cambridge then back to central London for Parliament Square and 10 Downing street.


Our first destination was Oxford, home to rich historical universities and colleges, and not too far away from our final destination. So we set up the billboard for the first time to get people’s reactions.

The driver incurred a parking fine when he replied to the warden “I’m not moving the vehicle, I’ll just pay the fine.” It was an amusing start and thank you to our driver, Sean, for paying the fine and not bending the knee.

It was a mixed reaction in Oxford. To begin with, our first interaction was with a man who knew the World Health Organisation and the World Economic Forum, both he explained were organisations with “complete overreach, it’s bulls***.”

Second was a politics student who said, “they shouldn’t be unelected, if something as big as the pandemic happens, we should choose whom we want to deal with it.”

Another woman was triggered by the site of the Evening Standard and the Telegraph being used as a source, as she explained, “the Evening Standard is the biggest pile of s**t this country has ever produced and the Telegraph! Another pile of s**t!.” When probed on her position on the pandemic treaty, she had no idea what it was, almost as though she would only care if it was from one of the outlets she cared about (probably a Guardian reader).


We arrived in Liverpool, the billboard began its journey down central Liverpool where shoppers were still out and about and the nightlife was about the begin. After the first interaction we had with a young scouse lad calling Boris Johnson a lizard, I knew I was definitely in the home of Steven Gerrard and the Beatles.

When I posted the video of the billboard making its way through central Liverpool, it took off, with over 145,000 views and 335,000 impressions on Twitter alone.

We decided to try two spots, one where the shoppers were finishing up their consumerism before everything shuts, and the next location was where a strip of restaurants and bars were located, they all had the best view of the billboard.

There was some pushback. A man who claimed to work for the WHO approached me to question the billboard. “Who's the WEF? What’s this all about?” he asked.

The man told me he worked for the WHO, to then say he was just a consultant, to then say he was a scientist, to then say he worked at the local hospital. He was all over the place with his argument, before finally concluding that I was “living in cuckoo land,” simply because I explained that in my view, the WHO is in China’s back pocket and that 6,184 deaths solely from COVID-19 in England and Wales from people with no underlying health conditions was an insane thing to say, with him even accusing me of saying that the bodies in his local hospital he suddenly works at are “fake.”

You can still help fund our billboard over at where you can donate to this campaign to send a message to the WHO and the WEF.

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