Despicable! Pro-Hamas demonstrator disrupts Toronto’s Remembrance Day ceremony

At the Toronto Remembrance Day event at Old City Hall, a gender studies graduate in full face diaper had the utter audacity to yell 'free Palestine' during the ceremony.

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Virtually anyone who attends a cenotaph on Nov. 11 is there to pay their respects to war veterans and those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

But with the pro-Hamas crowd being increasingly emboldened when it comes to embracing everything from vandalism to violence – thanks in large part to political leaders and police officers constantly looking the other way – it stands to reason that some of these reprobates would ramp up their “activism” and actually disrupt a sacred ceremony.

Case in point: at the Toronto Remembrance Day event at Old City Hall, a gender studies graduate in full face diaper had the utter audacity to yell “free Palestine” during the ceremony. Dozens of patriots immediately told her to “f--- off.” While we aren’t big fans regarding profanity, we fully understand their response.

After the ceremony, Rebel News and other media outlets attempted to interview this crank. We say “attempted” because this genius was at a loss for words when it came to answering most questions… which makes us wonder why she showed up in the first place.

Sadly, interrupting a Remembrance Day ceremony in Toronto isn’t a precedent. Back in 2012, Joe Warmington of the Toronto Sun reported that another cranky Karen, Suraia Sahar, also protested that year’s Nov. 11 ceremony.

Sahar later issued a statement:

I cannot, and will not, be silent in a ceremony used to glorify Canada’s mission in Afghanistan, where many of my fellow Afghans were detained, tortured and killed because of the Canadian military… as an Afghan Canadian my anger can be justified. But I faced enough verbal abuse by racist, angry old white people telling me to go back to my country, and that the Canadian military should kill more Afghans.

Amazing… a demonstrator shows up to diss the veterans and spit in the face of those who paid the ultimate price. But then again, in Blackface’s Canada of today, terrorists receive multimillion dollar payments for experiencing hurt feelings, so perhaps Sahar was simply just ahead of the curve given the amount of pro-Hamas vile being uttered on the streets these days?

And how odd that the beloved Don Cherry was cancelled outright four years ago for uttering a truism about Remembrance Day. Yes, Grapes got the axe simply for standing up for veterans whereas the pro-Hamas hooligans get away with uttering their support for the eradication of Israel and advocating for the death of Jews. (By the way, we have observed several pro-Hamas demonstrations during the month of November and we have yet to come across a single protester wearing a poppy.)

Even worse, last month these hooligans presumably vandalized the 48th Highlanders monument on the north lawn of Queen’s Park by painting the word “Palestine” on that particular war memorial.

And get this: after Saturday’s official Remembrance Day ceremony at Toronto’s Old City Hall, these pro-Hamas vandals staged their own “day of remembrance” for the “martyrs” of Gaza in nearby Mississauga. And in social media postings, they actually had the audacity to co-opt the poppy by superimposing the colours of the Palestinian flag over this sacred flower. Really, how low can you go? How disrespectful can you get?

Yet, in the final analysis, the ultimate irony is this: tens of thousands of Canadians died protecting our rights and freedoms. And when it comes to the pro-Hamas camp, they seem to be enjoying one particular freedom big time. Which is to say, in 2023 Canada one does indeed have the right to be a despicable and belligerent idiot.

Editor's note (March 20, 2024): An earlier version of this article referred to Suraia Sahar as a “pro-Taliban demonstrator”. Rebel News was contacted by Ms. Sahar after this article was published. Ms. Sahar has represented to Rebel News that she is not and has never been “pro-Taliban”, “Pro Hamas” or a supporter of terrorism and Rebel News accepts her word on this.
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