WATCH: Have Covid-19 restrictions permanently lowered church attendance?

As the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent government restrictions have shuttered churches across Canada and the globe, some have been left wondering if attendance levels at places of worship will ever return to pre-pandemic levels.

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On yesterday's livestream, Sheila Gunn Reid was joined by Rebel News' Adam Soos to discuss how the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent government overreach have negatively impacted churchgoers.

As he reported from the Edmonton March for Life event, Mr. Soos witnessed a significant drop in attendance from the pro-life crowd in contrast to years past, as well as a notable presence of pro-abortion counter-protesters.

While the Edmonton March for Life garnered little to no coverage from the mainstream media, pro-abortion rallies have attracted far more attention and have been saluted by liberal media outlets across Canada. 

As Mr. Soos explained, "This is what the globalists want. They literally shut down your churches and pushed the officials in charge of the churches to make you believe that church doesn't matter, to make you believe that this is secondary or you can just pray at home or don't actually have to gather. They undermined what the church was about and church officials allowed it to happen. People have not returned back."

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