Different day, same disgrace at U of T’s 'Little Gaza'

Is the next step finally calling in law enforcement to clear out this mess before convocation ceremonies kick off early next month?

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For several days now, Rebel News has been dropping by the University of Toronto’s festering tent city known as, “Little Gaza”, a.k.a., “Palestine Martyr’s Square”, a.k.a., “The People’s Circle For Palestine.”

Nothing really changes… other than the population of this antisemitic encampment which continues to grow with each passing day thanks to the warm summer-like weather.

But we think there might be something afoot in terms of the administration building a case to FINALLY call in law enforcement and shut down this illegal occupation.

That’s because we were forwarded a communique by a pair of U of T administrators that stated the following:

“Dear U of T community,

“We will continue to work towards dialogue and a peaceful resolution to the encampment at the St. George campus. We have repeatedly asked organizers of the encampment to urgently address concerning safety issues before any further discussions take place.

“We have witnessed:

  • Hateful messages and speech as well as altercations
  • Large piles of firewood inside the fenced-off encampment area
  • Two fires burning inside the fenced area
  • Blocked reinforced exit points, which prevent safe passage in case of fire or medical emergency
  • Impeded routes for emergency vehicles around the perimeter of the encampment
  • Significant tent and population density within the fenced area
  • Non-U of T community members entering, leaving or staying in the encampment overnight
  • Attempts by unauthorized vehicles to gain access to a pedestrian area of campus and drive into the encampment

“Because of the ongoing encampment, two demonstrations numbering in the thousands (including some with flares and smoke bombs) have come to University grounds well into the evening. As the summer term has begun, students are living in nearby residence buildings, and this poses an additional safety risk.

“We know that some members of our community feel unwelcome and unsafe on campus due to the encampment. We must reiterate that the University accepts and encourages the widest range of debate, and has a high threshold for expression, including speech and imagery that is uncomfortable and offensive to some. Discrimination and harassment exceed this threshold. We are committed to peaceful protest.

“Our accountability for the health and safety of our community is a critical priority. We look forward to resolving these concerns and moving on to substantive discussions as quickly as possible.

"We will continue to send periodic updates, and you can find a list of frequently asked questions on the UTogether site.


“Professor Sandy Welsh

“Vice-Provost, Students

“Professor Kelly Hannah-Moffat

“Vice-President, People Strategy, Equity & Culture”

If the Welsh and Moffat monikers ring a bell, it’s for good reason. They received much ridicule recently when they fretted about nonexistent “Islamophobia” at Little Gaza. Seriously. We tried to interview these two women on our most recent visit to the university. They literally ran away, Seriously.

Still, hope abounds. It would appear that these two woke eggheads are comprising a paper trail outlining the numerous problems inherent to this tent city. Is the next step finally calling in law enforcement to clear out this mess before convocation ceremonies kick off early next month? Stay tuned…

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