WATCH: Does former Australian PM Scott Morrison know what a woman is?

Avi Yemini grills former PM Morrison at the ARC Conference event in London on various topics, including Covid, The Voice, the failing Liberal Party and an issue that often eludes politicians — the definition of a woman.

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In a candid and probing interview at the ARC conference in London, I had the opportunity to question former Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison on a topic that often eludes politicians — the definition of a woman.

Our exchange took place amid discussions about the state of conservative politics and Australia's response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

During the interview, I pressed Morrison on the notion of a woman, seeking clarity on whether it is solely a biological definition.

While Morrison affirmed that a woman is a "biological female human being," I highlighted the lack of consensus within political circles, pointing to the divergence in stances between the federal and Victorian branches of the Liberal Party.

In August, the nation's first female prime minister Julia Gillard failed to answer the question, leaving onlookers stunned.

The conversation then veered towards the COVID-19 response, where Morrison defended the actions taken by his government, claiming Australia's strong economic performance and the preservation of lives during the global pandemic.

Moving to the Indigenous Voice referendum, Morrison expressed his disappointment with Labor's proposal, attributing it to a superficial solution that divided Australians rather than uniting them.

I asked Morrison about the challenges many see facing the Liberal Party, questioning whether it has strayed from conservative values. Morrison defended the party, asserting that it incorporates both conservative and liberal traditions, with a focus on community, family, and economic freedom.

The interview also touched upon social issues, with Morrison acknowledging the diversity of personal views within the party and the need for a balanced approach to governance.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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