Edmontonians speak out: If you care about Ukraine, build Keystone XL!

Canadians tell Biden to quit blocking the Canadian pipeline and flood the market with freedom fuel from Alberta, as the best way to lower gas prices for families and starve the Russian war machine of its funding.

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Every Saturday at the Edmonton legislature, hundreds of protesters gather to rally against the remaining lockdown restrictions in Alberta and for the last five weeks, a convoy of trucks has joined them as part of a nationwide convoy movement against COVID tyranny. This week, amongst the anti-lockdown signs and "F Trudeau" flags, dozens of new signs showed up: yellow and blue Ukrainian flags.

Canada has the third-largest population of people of Ukrainian descent, behind Ukraine and Russia, so the support for Ukrainian independence from Russia at the freedom protest and convoy should be no surprise to anyone, except maybe the CBC who called the Westerner-led convoy to Ottawa that jammed up the nation's capital for over three weeks a Russian operation.

President Joe Biden, as his first act in the Oval Office, revoked the permit of the nearly complete cross-border Keystone XL pipeline which would carry 830,000 barrels of oil daily from Alberta to refineries in America. However, the United States imports up to 700,000 barrels of oil from Russia, each day. Though Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has announced a ban on Russian oil imports, Canada previously imported half a billion dollars worth of Russian oil annually to the east coast.

Building Keystone XL is the right moral choice for those who care about Ukrainian sovereignty. It's also the right choice to address the cost of living for Americans being driven up by oil supply issues. It's a no-brainer for jobs, inflation and the safety and security of the free world.

To sign our petition to Joe Biden, calling for him to allow Keystone XL to be completed, please visit www.BuildKeystoneXL.com. We will hand-deliver your signatures to the American consulate in Calgary.

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  • By Sheila Gunn Reid

PETITION: Build The Keystone XL Pipeline

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