Elites demonize protest against healthcare worker vaccine mandate

Current and former healthcare workers held a peaceful protest outside Toronto General Hospital, something that was roundly criticized in the mainstream media.

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Members of the mainstream media, political class and TV doctors decried the protests against vaccine mandates for healthcare workers that were held outside hospitals as dangerous and terrifying. But protests against COVID restrictions, like those that have been held in Toronto since April of 2020, have been peaceful.

So what made this one different?

That was the subject of guest host David Menzies' monologue last night on The Ezra Levant Show. Menzies, who covered the protest firsthand, said this event was much the same as these protests have been the entire time: a peaceful demonstration by a diverse crowd opposed to what they view as massive government overreach.

Said Menzies:

The narrative being peddled by the mainscream media was that healthcare workers and even patients were being prevented from entering hospitals. This was an absolute lie and evidence of this falsehood simply does not exist because it does not exist.

As well, you want to know what bullying is? How about this? How about you get the jabs or you lose your jobs, full stop.

Healthcare workers and others who do not want to put an experimental vaccine into their bodies are being threatened with termination, and in fact, some have already been terminated. That's bullying on steroids.

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