Elon Musk comes to terms with Twitter; progressives have collective meltdown

The 'Technoking of Tesla' is set to takeover the social platform, sending many leftists into a spiral of rage.

Elon Musk comes to terms with Twitter; progressives have collective meltdown
Credit: Rebel News/PewDiePie’s guest video with Elon Musk
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The internet’s most precious snowflakes are having a meltdown as Elon Musk is set to take control of Twitter. The world’s richest man and Tesla CEO announced his bid to take over Twitter, the world’s most influential social media platform, and is on the verge of announcing his success.

Musk, who dubs himself a “free speech absolutist,” is now coming under intense fire from keyboard warriors who deem him to be “dangerous” for the platform, or more dramatically, humanity.

The left’s fear of free speech comes as no surprise, as the establishment has continuously abused algorithms to dissuade and sway public discourse.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Twitter has come to an agreement to finalize a deal with Musk on Monday. The decision came days after the billionaire unveiled his $43 billion dollar bid to take over the company and turn it private.

According to internal sources, both Musk and Twitter worked overnight to hash out a deal that would be valued at $54.20 a share, or $44 billion. The deal is expected to be announced after the market closes Monday, if not sooner.

It is unclear why the value of the deal increased by a billion dollars from prior expectations, but reports suggest it could be related to an updated share count.

As reported by Rebel News last week, Musk offered a bid to buy the company, without first explaining how he would pay for it. He called it his “best and final” offer.

While Twitter was initially reluctant to take the offer and responded with a poison pill strategy to block him from increasing his stake, the billionaire disclosed on Thursday that he has $46.5 billion in financing.

Following the announcement, Twitter reportedly changed its posture to negotiate with Musk.

The news that Musk’s deal with Twitter would be finalized has encouraged numerous blue checkmark leftists to lose their minds, with many threatening to flee the platform for greener pastures should it go through.

A thread compiled by Twitter personality Auron MacIntyre includes dozens of screenshots of verified Twitter users declaring the end of the world.


Journalist Andy Ngo compiled a similar thread containing the meltdowns of liberal personalities complaining about Elon Musk’s take over of the platform.


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