BETRAYAL: Erin O’Toole just hired a former Huawei VP to run the Conservative Party war room

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I thought it was a bad joke. It’s not.

Erin O’Toole has just hired Huawei’s former vice president in Canada, to run the Conservative Party's most important department. Jake Enwright, who was the Vice President at Huawei, is now in charge of the Erin O'Toole's research and issues management.

I can’t even believe it; I had heard the rumour and thought, “no way”. But it’s true. They’re even bragging about it.

Here’s the Ottawa-focused news site, iPolitics. It’s in a story about “Hill Movers” — as in movers and shakers, the insiders with influence.

Let me quote:

Another staffer heading back to the Hill after a brief hiatus in the private sector: Jake Enwright, who started a new gig this week handling research and issues management for the Conservatives. Since May 2019, he had worked for National Public Affairs, and he also served briefly as vice president of corporate affairs for Huawei Technologies...

But that’s not quite true. I think that's spin.

Jack Enwright, Former Corporate Affairs VP For Huawei

Here’s Enwright’s LinkedIn page, his own resume.

You can see he was hired in June of 2018 as the director of corporate affairs for Huawei. I bet that paid pretty well. He was in charge of corporate affairs in December of 2018, that's when his boss, the company’s CFO and daughter of the founder and president, Meng Wanzhou is her name — was arrested in Vancouver on charges of fraud. And immediately after that, in retaliation, the Chinese dictatorship kidnapped two Canadian civilians, snatching them right off the streets of Beijing — Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor.

Enwright was the director of corporate affairs for Huawei Canada during that crisis.

As you can see by his resume he left the position the very next month.

Now you might think, oh it's because he quit in disgust with Huawei and he quit in solidarity with Canada. He left the position — because he accepted a promotion!

The very next month he accepted a promotion — he became a key architect of Huawei’s propaganda war in Canada, against our country, against the two Michaels, and in defence of the dictatorship. He got the promotion to Vice President immediately after the two Michaels were kidnapped.

Huawei Accused Of Crimes, CFO Meng Wanzhou Under House Arrest In Vancouver

For nearly a year he worked for that Chinese Communist Party front company — a company that got its start, by the way, by hacking into Canada’s great tech hope, Nortel, and stealing its intellectual property.

That’s who Jake Enwright is. Or at least that's what he did with a year of his life.

Huawei is accused of crimes — it’s why Meng Wanzhou is under house arrest. Huawei is untrustworthy, and it is an arm of the dictatorship.

I’m not saying that Jake Enwright is a criminal — he didn’t commit fraud, and he didn’t kidnap anyone, and I don’t think he’s a Communist.

Sort of the opposite — he probably got paid a staggering amount of money, like a good capitalist, to be Huawei’s point-man on this thing.

That is not illegal. But it is disgraceful.

Erin O’Toole Hires Jake Enwright As Conservative Strategist...

Would you go to work for your country’s enemy? When they kidnap your country's citizens? That is so gross. But he made his choices.

What on earth is Erin O’Toole doing hiring him as the head of research and issues management, right before a looming election campaign?

Erin O’Toole just hired Meng Wanzhou’s right hand man to be his right hand man. Erin O’Toole just hired the man who spent a year strategizing against Canadian interests — to strategize for him.

What on earth is going on?

...After Firing Canadian Patriots Derek Sloan, Pierre Poilievre

Erin O’Toole fired Derek Sloan from the caucus and fired Pierre Poilievre as finance critic. Erin O'Toole getting rid of strong conservatives — and I note that both Sloan and Poilievre were tough critics of China. So O’Toole is clearing out Canadian patriots — and hiring a lobbyist for the Chinese Communist Party’s favourite tech company.

I don’t even understand how that’s possible, since it’s illegal under the accountability act for Enwright to have lobbied at that time, given that he had worked in government within the previous five years. Perhaps he was just registering out of an abundance of caution.

But none of those details are really important, this isn't really about Enwright. There’s a lot of people in Canadian society who sell out to China. Our universities sell out to China, Hollywood sell out to China, a lot of businesses sell out to China. It’s pretty common — China can buy the loyalty of a lot of people.

But what’s Erin O’Toole’s excuse? There are more than 37 million people in Canada. Millions of them are Conservatives. Was the Vice President of Huawei really the most qualified person in our entire country for this job? There was no-one else in our country who could do it? Literally the VP in charge for Huawei during the kidnapping of the Two Michaels — O'Toole saw that resume and decided, “that’s the guy I want handling the Conservative Party's most sensitive political files?”

So O'Toole sees Pierre Poilievre and Derek Sloan, and thinks: they’re embarrassing, get rid of them.  But he sees Meng Wanzhou’s servant and says, “that’s my man”?

And they’re bragging about it to a Parliament Hill website called iPolitics?

Conservatives Tell Donors That They Don't Trust Huawei

Just two weeks ago, the Conservatives were saying they don’t trust Huawei.

That’s what they tell party members, when they’re asking party members for donations. Look at the date of that — February 17th.

Today is March 4th. There’s no way they weren’t already negotiating with Huawei’s guy to come over to run things, when they made that tweet. There’s no way they weren’t saying one thing in private to the Huawei guy and another in public to sucker Conservative Party donors.

Look at a this, it's another tweet from three weeks ago — a Conservative MP was outraged that a Liberal activist went to work for Huawei. At that same time, Erin O’Toole was surely wining and dining Huawei’s former VP to come work for him.

They thought maybe we won’t find out?

Erin O’Toole Is Untrustworthy

I am shocked and grossed out, but I’d be lying if I said I was completely surprised. Erin O’Toole is untrustworthy — he said he was against cancel culture, but he’s been a leading practitioner of it. He said he’s against the carbon tax — but now he says he’s for a net zero carbon policy. He says he’s against Huawei and China — but now he hired Huawei's vice president in Canada to run the Conservative party.

I’m starting to think we can’t trust a word he says — except for when he asks for your money. That, I believe.

So fair, enough. If you want to give money to Erin O’Toole, click on and there’s a big donate button right there.

I actually think he needs your donations, because I can’t imagine this Huawei guy works cheap — he must have been making close to a million bucks a year working for China.

So if you are excited by this news, if you’re glad Huawei’s VP is now Erin O’Toole’s VP, if you think this Huawei lobbyist is a better representation of Conservative values than, say, Pierre Poilievre or Derek Sloan, click on and give generously.

But if you’re sick of O’Toole and his lies, and you actually want to fight back against Huawei and China, I might have a better idea for you.

Ban Huawei From Canada!

Sign our petition at We’ll deliver it to the government of Canada — and it sounds, to the opposition in Canada too.

Go to and sign it if you know, you actually think Huawei and the Chinese Communist Party are evil, and we should fight against them, not hire them.

Seriously. Visit — and we’ll deliver the petition to the Government of Canada, telling them to ban the Chinese spy company just like many of our allies have.

Or visit to help pay the salary of a former Chinese intelligence asset. That’s what Erin O’Toole wants you to do.

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