EXCLUSIVE: Ezra Levant's FULL interview with Vivek Ramaswamy

Ezra Levant sits down with U.S. Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy to talk about the future of America and the Canadian Trucker Convoy: 'You're darn right, I paid attention to it.'

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Ezra Levant snagged a one-on-one interview with U.S. Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy at his trucker townhall in Iowa on Thursday. 

During the interview, Ramaswamy commented on his close following of the Canadian 2022 Trucker Freedom Convoy, including his concern at the government's "weaponization of the financial system" wherein they utilized dictatorial measures such as freezing bank accounts. By invoking quasi-martial law legislation and employing a combination of suppressive techniques, the outcome manifested as a deliberate "blurring [of] the lines between the private sector and partisan governmental authority."

"I think that is in some ways a harbinger, a warning of what could come here, to the United States, if we're not careful... The use of a central bank, digital currency, is something that's being debated in the U.S. It has profound implications for us," said Ramaswamy.

Ramaswamy also discussed Klaus Schwab and the dubious activities of organizations like the World Economic Forum that he founded, including a biting critique of Trudeau's role in recent years. "The idea that Trudeau is actually the guy calling the shots is a joke," he remarked, citing Trudeau as a pawn for a managerial class. 

"Both within and outside of Canada, [they] use people like him as a pawn to advance a... trans-national globalist agenda that has a single, hegemonic view that is fundamentally skeptical of self-governance, does not believe in people's ability to govern themselves, believes in a worldview where people need to be told what the right way is or isn't to live by a small group of aristocratic elites in the back of palace halls... It's what's alive and well in Canada, unfortunately, today."

In conclusion, Ramaswamy offered a way forward that opposes this globalist vision, also known as the 'Great Reset.'

"The right response," he says, "is what I call the 'Great Uprising' on the other side which says, 'Hell no,' to that vision. That's what I think those Canadian truckers were saying."

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