Ezra Levant: 'Coutts 4' prosecution a 'terrible chapter in policing'

The two men released on time served after agreeing to a plea bargain spent 'too long in prison' on 'minor charges,' says Ezra Levant, who speculated whether the charges against the 'Coutts 4' were trumped up on the eve of Prime Minister Trudeau invoking the Emergencies Act.

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The Democracy Fund is helping fight the charges of three other men — dubbed the 'Coutts 3' — who were also charged during the blockade. You can learn more about their story or help fund their legal fight at TruckerLawyer.ca.

The 'Coutts 4' are four men who were charged with serious criminal offences at the Coutts border blockade two years ago during the Freedom Convoy protest. The four were charged with, amongst other things, conspiracy to commit murder against police.

The men have been in prison for more than two years in harsh conditions including, for one of the men, months in solitary confinement. In surprising turn of events ahead of the scheduled trial in June, two of the four, Chris Lysak and Jerry Morin, agreed to a plea bargain of much lesser charges and were released in return for time served.

Jerry Morin, who never actually made it to Coutts, plead guilty to conspiring to bring firearms to the border blockade. He admitted to agreeing to do so, but in his plea bargain, his lawyer emphasized that he never actually did so.

Chris Lysak plead guilty to possession of a weapon in an unauthorized place.

Each of these men's convictions, if prosecuted and covnicted on their own, would most likely have not even yieleded a day's jail time. The men likely would have had a firearms probation for a few years, and a suspended sentence — not two years of hard time.

Ezra Levant broke down this surprising turn of events in an emergency livestream yesterday.

Watch the full livestream below:

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