Trudeau's friend Craig Kielburger tried to nickel and dime the Canadian taxpayer during Debates Commission stint

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GUEST HOST: Sheila Gunn Reid

You know the Kielburger scandal, the WE Charity scandal, the WE Organization scandal. It all seems so far away.

Feels like we've bumped from scandal to scandal to scandal with Trudeau in power. 

The latest scandal is his treatment of peaceful protesters during the convoy to Ottawa, and how I'm sure the Ottawa police will overreact, enabled by Justin Trudeau's Emergencies Act to the Rolling Thunder bikers’ convoy to the nation's capital.

They're set to start rolling in today with up to a thousand bikes from all across the country coming to protest not only the remaining COVID measures, but the totalitarianism with which the last convoy to Ottawa was treated.

After protesting peacefully for nearly four weeks, Trudeau invoked the never-before-used Emergencies Act — meant for Pearl Harbour level event — to dissipate the truckers and their supporters, who had been organizing street concerts, planning community cleanups, feeding the homeless, playing street hockey and erecting bounty castles. 

The truckers and their supporters created a community during their time in Ottawa while they protested the division of our communities under government COVID mandates.

That is until Justin Trudeau sent in the cops, the horses, the pepper spray, and the batons — to arrest, detain, jail, seize trucks, seize bank accounts, seize Bitcoin wallets — all to euthanize the opposition to his government.

But before this latest scandal, the biggest scandal Justin Trudeau was dealing with was the WE organization. It unfolded in April 2020.

He gave the organization headed by his friends, the Kielburger brothers, a sole-sourced contract worth millions of dollars to administer a nearly $1-billion dollar COVID student bailout program.

But the relationship with the Kielburgers, and specifically Craig Kielburger, had still another layer: he was on the Leaders' Debates Commission Advisory Board. You know, the people tasked with keeping
independent journalists out of the federal leaders' debates.

The commission that Rebel News had to sue in court twice. Yeah, at least the first time we sued them, Kielburger was on the board. He left or was replaced in July 2021 and we sued them in August 2021.

But knowing what we know now about the Kielburgers, we wanted to know more about his role on the Debates Commission, specifically his expenses.

Do I have more than pages of documents about them? Most of it is nothing but most of it just shows you how little respect this millionaire Kielburger had for the Canadian taxpayer.

On tonight's show, we'll take a look at some of them.

GUEST: GraceLife Church's Pastor James Coates on his new book, God vs. Government: Taking a Biblical Stand When Christ and Compliance Collide.

FINALLY: Your messages to me!



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