Should we call people unclean, if they don’t get vaxxed?

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I have fallen out of touch with David Frum; and now with his sister, Linda Frum.

I don’t want to be mad at him, so I prefer to think of him as I did when I was a young kid in college and he was a slightly less young man in a hurry in the big leagues. I block him on Twitter not because I am mad at him, but because I don’t want to be mad at him — and I’m sure I would be.

Because I did manage to come across this, and it upset me, partly because of what it says, but largely because David himself wrote it. And I know he knows better. Or at least he used to.

It’s not that I disagree with him — I do. It’s how he says what he says. There’s something new here.

Now, that’s true — if people didn’t get the jab by now, it’s not because they didn’t hear about them or forgot about them. They obviously made a conscious choice. Unless you force them, they’re not going to. That’s actually true.

But that isn’t the tweet that bugs me. Look for the word that caught me:

And look at this next one.

The malignant minority. It reminds me of Nazi propaganda against the Jews. 

I’m not going to compare David Frum to a Nazi, because that’s too far, that’s too gross, especially considering that he’s Jewish. But it is impossible not to see his use of dehumanizing words — malignant minority. And his prescription — separate them from society; segregate them; and even leave them to die.

I haven’t talked about David Frum in a decade, because I preferred to think of him as I knew him 25 years ago. I blocked him online so I didn’t see what he says these days.

But his denigration of minorities, his calls for their punishment and marginalization is so unlike the man I once knew.

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