Media Party proposes BANNING competitors after survey shows lack of trust in Media Party

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A new survey out by a PR and lobbying company called Edelman that shows trust in the media (and indeed all establishment institutions) is plummeting. Half of Canadians simply don’t believe a word the media says.

But look at this headline in the Toronto Star about it:

‘Epidemic of misinformation’ is eroding trust in institutions and media, finds a new survey

Just stop there. I mean, that’s your whole story there. The poll shows that people don’t trust the media. And the headline in Canada’s largest newspaper is: the people are wrong. It’s “misinformation” that people don’t trust us. And they threw in that word epidemic — because why not, people seem to get scared when you say pandemic these days, but that would be too on the nose, so just call it an epidemic.

So people don’t trust the media. And the media knows why — the people are stupid and gullible. Otherwise for sure they’d trust the media. And their distrust of the media isn’t based on any reasons. It’s like a sickness — like a pandemic, really. They need to be cured of it. Because obviously, the media hasn’t done anything to warrant being distrusted.

Yeah. Even this headline shows exactly why it is so distrusted, isn’t it?

So, at the beginning of the pandemic, people looked to the government and the media for help. And they realized that the government and the media were of no help, couldn’t be trusted, and were pretty much just in it for themselves.

I’d say that’s not a misinformation pandemic. I’d say people are pretty perceptive.

The media says — the people are the problem. You don’t trust us? You are misinformed. You say we’re biased? How dare you! We insult you — we call you racist and dumb. But you speak back — how dare you!

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