If you're Jewish, it's not Hamas thugs that will stop you — it's the cops

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Tonight, Rebel News reporter David Menzies interviews Ezra Levant on the recent wave of anti-Israel protests to hit Toronto Avenue Road.

On October 7, 2023, Hamas terrorists infiltrated southern Israel to massacre over 1,200 Israeli Jews and foreign nationals. It quickly became known as Israel's 9/11. By percentage of population, the death toll in the Jewish state became the equivalent of multiple 9/11s.

Since that day, Hamas sympathizers of the Islamic faith or otherwise have made their presence felt by jeering the victims and their families, boycotting enterprise that lent a helping hand, while ticking off everyday Joes for the crime of going about their day.

In some cases, they've making death threats. Other times, they've trespassed on private property. Last month, a masked Hamas thug threatened to put someone "six feet under" in front of a cop at the Eaton Center.

In contrast, the Freedom Convoy never intruded on a private space, nor did they utter death threats.

To usher in the new year, Hamas sympathizers rallied in Toronto to block access for commuters. Most appeared to be foreigners or new arrivals. Whereas others were the by-product of a woke school system.

Their aim? To intimidate the local Jewish commune before their observation of Sabbath.

To them, you're either the "oppressor" or the "oppressed." And if you fall under the latter, your daily commute is deservingly disrupted.

Anti-Israel protestors shut down the Avenue Road bridge overlooking Highway 401 with banners laid down. They purposefully curtailed travel from a nearby Jewish neighborhood that accesses the major artery daily.

Rather than enforce the law, Toronto police enforced the blockade to maintain the peace. With access to Avenue Road from Highway 401 shutdown, anti-Semitic hate proliferated.'

One protestor turned agitator appeared livid, calling for a Palestinian victory against their Israeli "oppressors." He added: "There is no peace against an occupation."

GUEST: Ezra Levant, Rebel News publisher and Rebel Commander.
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