Who exactly were the Trudeau liberals talking to before they decided to ban all hunting rifles in Canada?

Guest host: Sheila Gunn Reid

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Who exactly did Justin Trudeau consult with before he snuck a last-minute amendment to turn a terrible law which scapegoats the law-abiding while making it easier to be a bad guy into a Frankenstein monster that tramples on property rights and throws Canadian heritage in the garbage?

Someone joked on Twitter once, and I wish I remembered who it was because I'd love to give them credit, but imagine if a space alien who had never met a human being or had ever seen a car were suddenly writing the rules of the road. That's how it feels to be a firearms owner in Canada. People who have never used a firearm or have ever jumped through all the hoops to own a firearm or ever even examined the existing firearms laws or had even a passing familiarity with ballistics seem to be the ones writing the laws or at least being consulted on the laws.

I was curious, and I think you are too. What sort of feminist and feminist ally groups have they been talking to because they haven't been talking to gun owners or the people who use guns to survive or work?

So I filed for access to information. I do this all through your generous crowdfunded donations at Rebel investigates.com.

We filed with public safety Canada asking them for the list of names that they consulted with on Bill c21. And you would think it would be kind of easy for them to provide the list of names they consulted with on their own legislation. Thank you. You have to have their contact information and their name because you contacted them and talk to them.

But just the other day, I got back a letter saying that they are not going to provide that information to me until October of 2023. They took a 10-month extension. Your door might be kicked in by the RCMP before you ever know who inspired the law that allowed for it.

Now, normally I tried these things two different ways because sometimes I can catch them by asking the same question differently. More creatively.

So they won't give me the list of names until October. Ok fine.

So I thought maybe I could compile the list myself by asking for all their communications about Bill c21 and the crazy amendment that took a handgun ban which was already bad, and turned it into a handgun plus hunting ban.

I could get the names of the people they consulted by compiling them from text messages and briefing notes and memos, and emails. The back-and-forth addresses, right?

I think they saw right through me because they are not going to give that information to me until August 3rd, 2023.

Even this doesn't make sense because they can't give me a simple list until October, but can they give me all the communications of the people they talked to 2 months sooner?

These people aren't even good at lying. The problem is there's no consequence for any of this nonsense. And even though the NDP pretends to be mad about these sweeping changes that will hurt their constituents in Northern Ontario and Quebec, They will prop up the liberals and go along with this legislation because for the NDP? They just want to be listened to by the Liberals, and they don't really care what their own voters think.

GUEST: Tracey Wilson from the Canadian coalition of firearms rights. 

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