One year on, looking back on the remarkable rise of the Freedom Convoy

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This week marks the first anniversary of the single largest human rights demonstration in modern Canadian history: The Freedom Convoy.

The convoy, catalyzed by a sudden cross-border vaccine mandate for truckers, sparked a mass uprising of Canadians from coast to coast to coast against covid restrictions in the form of a chain of trucks and humanity headed to Ottawa. The organic movement was pro-mobility rights, pro-right to free association and anti-segregation.

And totally peaceful, at least from the demonstrators' side.

But quickly, the protesters found themselves in legal jeopardy, despite their successful efforts to self-police and keep the peace and be of good behavior. Police were snatch-and-grabbing protesters and driving them to the outskirts of town, raiding supply stockpiles, and the city of Ottawa was desperate to see an end to the inconvenience of the peaceful protest.

The truckers and their allies needed good legal help, and fast and they got it with legal stars Keith Wilson and Eva Chipiuk and their team of top lawyers assembled to help the truckers navigate the legal quagmire they found themselves in, especially as the Federal Government sought to label the convoy terrorists and treat participants accordingly.

Keith joins guest host Sheila Gunn Reid to look back on the convoy and the Public Order Emergency Commission and what he thinks the outcome of the official examination of the government's actions against the convoy will be.

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