Trudeau government quietly pursues reparations for Black Canadians

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Though Parliament is gone for the summer, government bureaucrats and their social justice friends remain hard at work.

Tonight, on the Ezra Levant Show, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced reparations for Black people—in Canada of all places.

The Department of Justice released an astonishing report Friday afternoon, called A Roadmap for Transformative Change:
Canada’s Black Justice Strategy.

Black justice? I think Canada should be more interested in colorblind justice, don’t you? No fear or favour for either party in a dispute.

It’s written by Akwasi Owusu-Bempah, who is a professor, and Zilla Jones, who is a writer. The former has nearly no digital footprint, but his colleague sure does.

Calling people racist is pretty much her full time occupation. Especially conservatives. 

Trudeau hired her to pen an equally insane report before the Canada Day long weekend.

Notably, Jones thinks visible minorities who support Rebel News are not real visible minorities. That sounds racist to me.

GUEST: Rebel News reporter Alexa Lavoie discusses the pro-Hamas, Antifa mobs that ambushed her at a new Montreal encampment.

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