We've sent billions in foreign aid to Ukraine, but where is the money really going?

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Tonight on The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra discusses the shocking revelations of U.S. foreign aid being used to censor social media criticisms of Ukraine in America that should make us question where our tax dollars are really going. And let's not forget, this pattern is likely repeating itself right here in Canada!

The numbers are staggering. Trudeau's government has sent billions of dollars to Ukraine and recent events further highlight the questionable allocation of funds.

Also this week, Novavax's stock soared after Canada agreed to pay $350 million for unused Covid shots. This move by Trudeau left investors baffled, indicating a lack of foresight on the government's part. Trudeau's decision-making has reached unprecedented levels of stupidity.

Moreover, while Canada struggles with rising crime rates, particularly in Toronto, Trudeau approved $100 million in aid to Haiti for policing. The mismanagement of funds is evident. One cannot help but question Trudeau's judgment in directing resources to a foreign nation while pressing domestic issues remain unresolved.

The Americans are not immune to such missteps either. A Pentagon accounting error resulted in an additional $6.2 billion being allocated to Ukraine's military aid. Rather than returning the funds to American taxpayers, the mistake went unnoticed, reinforcing the belief that foreign interests take precedence over domestic responsibilities. Trudeau-level stupidity indeed!

However, the bigger concern lies in the lack of transparency regarding the utilization of these massive sums. With an estimated total surpassing $100 billion, more than Russia's entire military budget, the destination of these funds remains shrouded in uncertainty. Propaganda from all sides muddies the waters, making it difficult to trust any party involved.

President Joe Biden's admission that both Ukraine and the United States are running out of ammunition after 18 months and billions spent raises serious questions.

With the U.S. defense budget exceeding $800 billion, it is alarming that Ukraine is struggling to acquire necessary supplies. This scenario undoubtedly amuses China and highlights the incompetence of those in charge.

Trudeau's recent appearance at the NATO meeting in Vilnius, Lithuania, showcased his lackluster performance on the global stage. Promised to play a "key role," he was notably absent. Such negligence further erodes confidence in his leadership.

While NATO expresses concern over corruption in Ukraine, Trudeau's emphasis on disinformation during his speeches raises eyebrows. It is peculiar that he would prioritize this issue while neglecting more pressing matters. His focus on censoring dissenting voices is reminiscent of his own tendencies towards censorship.

Recent revelations from the U.S. House Judiciary Committee expose the FBI's collaboration with a compromised Ukrainian intelligence agency to censor American speech. The FBI's involvement and the lack of accountability surrounding this issue call into question their credibility as a law enforcement organization. Can we truly believe that Canada is exempt from similar practices?

It's high time Canadians demand transparency and accountability from their leaders.

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