Three big victories for Rebel News — and everyone who values freedom

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Here at Rebel News, we ask for your help a lot.

Sometimes it must feel that we — meaning our team at Rebel News, and you, our viewers and supporters — are always fighting a battle: against the Trudeau Liberals, the overzealous COVID-19 bylaw enforcers, Amazon and other corporate giants.

Well, I've got great news:

We — all of us — just won three different battles, with your help.

First: Amazon banned, then unbanned, then banned again, my new book China Virus — even after it was a #1 bestseller in their own store!

We quickly pivoted to selling the book ourselves, making it easy for you to download straight from us, while partnering with a veteran of Canadian publishing to get paperback editions printed as soon as possible.

Well, today I can announce that, thanks to your outrage and the efforts of our lawyers, China Virus is available once again on Amazon, in Kindle format.

Second: Do you remember the street preacher in Calgary who was fined for feeding the homeless? Keean Bexte brought you that outrageous story earlier this year, and we took on this man's case as our first case. 

You generously donated to help him and others who've been wrongly fined under arbitrary COVID-19 lockdown rules, and now we've learned that he is no longer subject to that fine.

Finally: As you know, I've vowed that no one who assaults a Rebel News reporter or cameraman will escape justice. You've shown your support for this by donating to That fund ensures that we can hire professional security for our journalists out in the field, and lawyers to press charges against the culprits if police refuse to act.

Now the Antifa thug who assaulted David Menzies in Kingston, Ontario last month has been charged. We'll see him in court.

I know how demoralizing it can be to feel that you're always fighting, especially against powerful forces.

So I wanted to tell you that your donations and support for our battles work — that with your help, we can get justice, and do our part to make Canada a freer place for all of us.

FINALLY: Your messages to me!

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  • By Ezra Levant

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  • By Ezra Levant


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