New Zealand's prime minister positions her government as the Ministry of Truth

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I saw a movie once, I can’t remember what it was called, not a very good one, but the conceit in the movie was someone who could see the future, but only a few minutes into the future. Not days or weeks or even years. And before the great adventure in the movie happened, he was wasting away his days in a casino as an entertainer, and during his breaks he played blackjack, because his magical powers allowed him see into the future just enough to know what the dealer’s cards would be.

So seeing into the future a few minutes was still pretty useful.

So let me show you a video that will show you a future so close it might already be here now. It’s from New Zealand; it stars the prime minister of New Zealand, a woman who is named Jacinda Ardern. She got her training as the president of the International Socialist Youth, I kid you not. Training in New York and London, and then going back to New Zealand to make that country a little bit of an experiment in socialism and globalism.

It won’t shock you to know that the former president of socialist international youth is a big fan of Communist China. It might shock you too know that her party is funded by Chinese Communists, and that her government has been accused of leaking Five Eyes security secrets to China — Five Eyes is the name given to the superfriends of allies — Canada, the U.K., U.S., Australia and New Zealand, the five closest allies.

Here’s a story in the Daily Mail just a couple of months ago; let me read the first part:

China's communist regime celebrates Jacinda Ardern's attempts to drift away from Five Eyes intelligence network - as Beijing heaps praise on the 'cooperative' New Zealand leader
        • Communist Party mouthpiece heaps praise on New Zealand's Jacinda Ardern
        • The Kiwi leader's government has publicly voiced concerns about Five Eyes
        • China has been locked in a diplomatic spat with Australia over the past year
        • New Zealand is only Five Eyes nation to not condemn Hong Kong crackdown

Yeah. So that’s New Zealand. The harshest gun control in the free world. The harshest censorship rules in the free world. Both of which Justin Trudeau is only too happy to follow. And, it won’t surprise you to hear, the harshest lockdowns in the world. Yes, Canada has the longest, especially in Toronto. But New Zealands are the most insane; they have a zero-COVID approach, which means a single case — someone has a cough, not even in a hospital — and they lock the whole place down.

It won’t work; it can’t work; you can never defeat viruses down to zero; it’s been a million year war between humans and viruses, and our immune system has generally won; you can’t take it down to zero and still have people be people — travel, meet, live.

Unless you’re a kooky Maoist.

But the thing about Maoism — about being funded by China, and praising China, and not condemning China, and generally being colonized by China — is that in the end, you have to adopt China’s brutal ways to shut down dissidents. Because not everyone in a country, even one as quirky and socialist as New Zealand, wants to live unfree. Some kiwis still love their legacy of freedom inherited from the U.K. and western civilization.

So what do you do about people who don’t listen? Who disagree? Well, you silence them. You censor them. And you set up a ministry of truth, as it’s called in Orwell’s book, 1984.

I want to play for you a video: 80 seconds. It’s incredible.

Let’s go through it slowly.

The NZ government will give you “the most up to date information daily.”

Is that really true? I have no beef with New Zealand, but it’s a small country far away from everything else. It has five million people in it — smaller than the Greater Toronto Area. It’s famous for sheep; and for its beautiful, empty wilderness — you can see why Lord of the Rings was filmed there.

But I’m not sure if little New Zealand really is the leading edge of COVID-19 information. I’m not saying the WHO or the CDC or the FDA are trustworthy; but they are more authoritative; they’re a bit more leading edge. But that’s not what Comrade Jacinda says.

“You can trust us as a source of that information.” Is that true? Can you truly trust any politician, any government? I’m skeptical of any and all governments. But I’m especially skeptical of those who say, “trust me”.

Do you trust her? The Five Eyes Allies don’t, do they?

In the past 18 months, has New Zealand’s government got everything right? None have. So when she says you can trust her, that’s not quite right, is it?

She’ll “clarify any rumour you may hear.”

But what is a rumour? Sometimes it’s false. Sometimes it’s true. Sometimes it takes a while to figure it out. Did that Wuhan Institute of Virology cause the pandemic? Which category would you put that in? And of all the people to clarify that rumour, would you really trust Comrade Jacinda?

"Otherwise dismiss anything else.”

Really? Now that’s a bit closed-minded, isn’t it? Isn’t science about the clash of ideas — testing a hypothesis, checking it against the facts, and then revising your theories to account for new information? If Comrade Jacinda doesn’t say it, dismiss it? That’s a bit imperious, that’s a bit incurious. That’s not science, at all, actually — that’s more a religion. Priestess Jacinda tells you not to listen to anyone else. But if she was so sure she was right, why would she be so nervous about other views?

But then she just says it: “We will continue to be your single source of truth.”

You know, I don’t think there’s anyone in the world, let alone a politician, or a government that can say that. I don’t think there’s anyone with that perfection — that’s something Jesus would say — and of course even he had disbelievers, and does to this day.

Imagine a mortal, a politician no less, claiming not only to be the perfect proprietor of facts, but also of knowledge and wisdom and truth. Those are all different things, actually. You can have facts, but not the true truth. Not Priestess Jacinda — she knows the deep truth, and only she does, but just to be safe, don’t listen to anyone else, OK?

“Everything else you see — a grain of salt.” It’s not just that she’s so sure she’s right. She’s so sure everyone else is wrong.

Now that was quite a performance. What did the journalist say then? You know, people who are skeptical for a living; people who are curious; people who engage in a form of science — namely, testing out theories by comparing them to facts; people who try to get more than one point of view; people who challenge authority by nature, actually; people who try to poke holes in certainty; people who like to deflate pompous blowhards.

So what did the journalist say? She asked for the high priestess to wax eloquent about just how irresponsible everyone else is! Way to speak truth to power, sister.

“Unless you hear it from us, it is not the truth.”

No, only Jesus could say that. And he’s not here right now in the pandemic debate. And I’m not in your cult.

Watch that clip again:

“We will continue to provide everything you need to know.”

Well, that’s actually true if you look at it in a certain way. We really do know all we need to know about this creepy little communist, don’t we?

GUEST: Spencer Fernando (@SpencerFernando on Twitter) on Justin Trudeau's soft comments on the demonstrations against the Communist regime in Cuba.

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