Thought police censor freedom-oriented art exhibit

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Tonight, on the Ezra Levant Show, a longform interview with Gavin McInnes, founder of Vice and now Censored TV

Last week, Levant, while visiting New York, learned McInnes would receive a prize as a freedom-oriented comedian. Sadly, their hopes were dashed prematurely.

Passion for Freedom is an organization that inspires the world through art. Each year, they organize an annual festival exhibiting censored artists.

The charity itself was inspired by the "Muhammad cartoons" first published by a Danish newspaper. It highlighted the clash between Western values of free expression and the sensitivities surrounding religious beliefs.

"They shut it down early," chuckled McInnes. "I'm bitterly disappointed," said Levant.

"They nominate people from a wide variety of backgrounds, including world-renowned comedians John Cleese and Ricky Gervais," added the Rebel Commander.

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