The federal government published a lie about the truckers and the regime media just ran with it

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Tonight on the Ezra Levant Show, Ezra highlights how the federal government misrepresented the actions of the Freedom Convoy truckers, promulgating a narrative taken up by the media with uncritical fervor.

The details were exposed by Blacklock's, revealing a security bulletin issued by the Department of Public Safety. Dated January 28, 2022, the bulletin stated that Freedom Convoy protesters were confirmed to have entered and damaged federal office buildings. Yet, no actual instances of such incidents could be verified.

The implicated document, which you can read below, was signed off by Harry Gill, Deputy Assistant Commissioner and Agency Security Officer. Gill's statement claimed that protesters were causing damage in the Ottawa downtown core, leading to immediate building lockdowns. Although he used the term "allegedly", this seemed to contradict his assertion that the actions were "confirmed".

A wave of concern swept through the government regime, further magnified by mainstream media outlets operating on the fed misinformation.

This led to substantial security precautions being taken, even as far as the Canadian Parliamentary Press Gallery calling for protection against the perceived threat of 'violent' protesters.

Except it was all just a wicked lie.

The 'confirmation' of protesters causing damage was widely disseminated throughout the government, leading to a fear-driven lockdown of the city. The blame was firmly placed on the truckers, despite the fact that the source of the panic was not their actions, but rather, a contrived narrative from the government.

How many people, to this day, believe this lie?

Incredibly, more sober-minded people in the regime said, no, that’s just not happening. But Harry Gill never retracted his lie. Why would he? It served him and his masters very well.

The troubling implications of this situation extend beyond the immediate incident. The government's misinformation fuelled the narrative that labeled the truckers as destructive agents, a label that persists despite the absence of verifiable misconduct.

And, of course, the media played into this narrative, amplifying the government's stance without even scrutinizing the information. 

This farce highlights the lack of integrity of information flow from the government to the public. It reveals the ease with which a narrative can be built and propagated, even if it's based on inaccurate or incomplete information.

Disturbingly, despite the surfacing of these questions, there remain political figures who continue to label the truckers as 'terrorists', based on fake narratives.

It's evident that the real violence during the convoy emanated not from the truckers, but from the potentially manipulated fear that was amplified by the government and propagated by their associates in the Media Party.

GUEST: Sheila Gunn Reid.

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