Let me show you what a fraud this whole 'disinformation' industry is. I have a gross example from the University of Calgary.

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When I was young, the left and the right debated. There was a popular show on CNN called Crossfire, where you had two conservatives and two liberals go head to head.

Canada had a knock-off version of it called Face-Off, which is a great name, and it evokes images of hockey. I was a guest on it from time to time when I was in my 20s. Judy Rebick, the left-wing feminist was on it, and Claire Hoy was the conservative. I seem to recall Lorrie Goldstein going on from time to time.

Those two shows are unthinkable now — not because there would be no audience for it. There would be a huge audience for it. But because the left simply refuses to debate.

I put it to you that conservatives would love to have such a show, love to engage in debate. But the left doesn’t debate.

Instead of writing a letter to the editor to disagree; or writing a counterpoint; the move of the left is to end the debate altogether.

That’s what calling things disinformation is about. Twenty-five years ago, both sides would be on a TV show. Now one side is “scientifically” proving that the other side shouldn’t even be listened to, and that perhaps the police, or at least spy agencies, ought to get involved.

Do you think I'm kidding? Well, look at this disgraceful publication by my alma mater the University of Calgary.

It’s from their fancy school of public policy.

It’s called:


These so-called professors are really sloppy.

One of the authors Jean-Christophe Boucher is a raging Trudeau Liberal, on Trudeau’s payroll — and Big Pharma’s payroll too. Here’s his official biography on this disinformation study.

He’s done this same make-believe, junk science, hocus-pocus before, in the service of his Vaccine paymasters:

So yeah, he’s a bit of a partisan for hire — if you pay him enough money, he’ll make a rainbow diagram, with the names of people he hates in it. I’m in there too.

There’s no science here. It’s McCarthyism, with an ink-jet printer. There’s no methodology. There’s no academic rigour. You can’t simply say that anyone who disagrees with you is a foreign agent. You can’t say that anyone who thinks a war is stupid is influenced by a foreign actor. It’s particularly stupid when you name people like me, who have written books about how to defeat Putin — so much that I regret I will never be able to visit that country.

This fake professor is trying to dress up his own partisan bigotry as some sort of science. But scratch the surface, and you’ll find he’s nothing more than a Trudeau shill.

Oh. Really sciencey. Really neutral. I wonder how I wound up on his list. And what does he want to do with people he disagrees with? He wants to shut us down. What a disgrace — a professor at a university hates free speech and debate so much that he literally wants to silence and shut us down. That’s not a professor. That’s a Liberal party mole at the U of C:

Yeah, like I say, 25 years ago people who disagreed with each other would debate each other.

In 2022, they get grants from Trudeau and Big Pharma to come up with a pseudo-scientific case to silence their political rivals.

GUEST: Selene Galas (@Selenecxliv)

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