America’s late night liberals are now mocking the Wuhan virus narrative

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I think the lockdowns and the shutdowns and the quarantines and the harm done by politicians in the past eighteen months rivals any war in terms of sheer devastation.

I’d have to do the math; I think proportionately, the Black Death plague killed more people in the 14th century — the entire world’s population was only around 400 million people, and up to 100 million died. There were plagues in other eras too.

Look at this from Statistics Canada:

Provisional death counts and excess mortality, January to December 2020

What does that mean? It means that every year a certain number of people are born and a certain number die, and over time we know what is “normal”, and over time we hope to improve it through better health care.

At the beginning, senior citizens died from COVID in long term care facilities. At the end, it was young people dying from the lockdowns.

That’s a careful way of saying: the pandemic isn’t actually killing a lot of people anymore. The lockdown is. Drugs, suicide. Young people in despair.

That was 2020.

And you know what we didn’t measure in 2020 in Canada? Deaths from vaccines.

The risk of the virus to people under 40 is negligible. For people under 20, it’s infinitesimal

But what’s this heart inflammation business? This myocarditis? That’s a new word. So young people are just dying from heart disease, shortly after taking the vaccine? Oh, don’t worry about it:

Doctors explain myocarditis and why teens should still get a COVID-19 vaccine

It’s the kids stuff that scares me. In Toronto a few weeks back, they were offering free ice cream to children as young as 12 to get the vaccine — and no consent from adults needed.

I got an email today from someone who says a school on the Eskasoni Indian reserve in Nova Scotia is offering children a lottery ticket too — you can win a free video game console if you just get jabbed!

I bet a lot of kids on that reserve would love a free video game. Indian reserves are often poor. I have no doubt that the local health authority is doing things they believe are right.

It’s just a bit of a strange juxtaposition — we just went through hurricane-level media coverage of Indian residential schools, and how they abused Indigenous kids, and made choices for them and their family based on a paternalistic authoritarianism. And here we are again, trying to bribe kids as young as 12 to get jabbed for a disease that is of no statistical risk to them.

It’s bad news everywhere.

But I saw something just absolutely shocking yesterday.

I saw the most liberal, most snide, most glib, most cynical Hollywood leftist, named Jon Stewart, who for more than a decade dominated late night liberal political talk, exquisitely left-wing, Democrat all the way, I saw him on TV last night, back after a long hiatus.

And he just let it rip about the virus. And how it’s absurd to think it was natural; and how it’s absurd to put all your trust in science.

You can say that now, I guess. For a year, if you said that you’d be cancelled — laughed at by the media party, deleted on Facebook and YouTube. It’s just a fact.

I’m not sure if they plan to cancel Jon Stewart. Maybe — they tried to cancel J.K. Rowling, the creator of Harry Potter, for having the wrong point of view about transgenderism.

I actually think he’ll be fine. The main purpose is achieved. China devastated the world’s economy; Donald Trump was removed from office; Big Pharma is bigger and richer than ever; and you, little citizen, are more compliant than ever.

So sure. Let the clown in Hollywood tell a funny story about a lab far, far away. Vent a little bit. You don't really think that’s going to stop you from, say, having mandatory vaccine passports, do you?

GUEST: Eric Metaxas (@EricMetaxas on Twitter)

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