I never thought it could happen: Tommy Robinson touches down in Canada

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Tommy Robinson has touched down in Canada to commence a speaking tour with Rebel News. For some, this visit comes as a surprise given Robinson’s tumultuous legal history and the travel restrictions that often accompany such notoriety.

Despite these challenges, he safely arrived in Montreal greeted by Rebel News reporter Alexa Lavoie, marking the start of a tour that will traverse Calgary, Edmonton, and Toronto.

His presence in Canada has already made waves. For those unfamiliar with Tommy, his story is both complex and contentious, making it difficult to discern the truth amid the propaganda from the media party.

His notoriety grew through his involvement with the English Defence League (EDL), an organization he founded in response to what the Islamization of public life in the UK and the alarming rise of grooming gangs.

The term "grooming gangs" systematically exploit young girls, often involving blackmail, coercion, and repeated abuse. This phenomenon gained significant attention in the UK, particularly in towns like Rotherham, where over a thousand young girls were victimized over several years.

The perpetrators, predominantly Pakistani Muslim men, targeted white, lower-class girls, leading to a deeply disturbing societal issue that authorities and media were often scared to address.

Tommy’s activism has consistently focused on highlighting these grooming gangs, a topic that has earned him both support and severe criticism.

His critics accuse him of "fueling racial tensions" and "Islamophobia," but many support him for shedding light on a critical issue ignored by mainstream institutions.

Tommy's approach has often been controversial. He has faced numerous legal battles, including arrests and imprisonments, primarily related to his methods of protest and his often incendiary rhetoric.

His narrative has been one of confronting the establishment and fighting for justice for the victims of grooming gangs. His stance has garnered him a significant following, particularly among those who feel their voices are suppressed by political correctness and censorship.

He has addressed various other issues, such as the integration of Muslim communities in Western societies and the perceived erosion of traditional British values.

Tommy’s visit to Canada promises to be a platform for him to share his experiences and perspectives, expanding his story beyond the UK.

Events are scheduled in major cities, with details available at TommyTour.ca, where supporters can find information on dates, locations, and ticket prices.

GUEST: Alexa Lavoie catches up with Tommy as he entered Canada.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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