Toronto police investigate Rebel News for alleged 'hate crime'

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Rebel News faces another censorship battle, probably our biggest one ever. And I need your help to save free speech in Canada.

Tonight, on the Ezra Levant Show, the Toronto police are officially investigating Rebel News for running "Islamophobic" ads on the publication's billboard truck.

A hate crime conviction could see me jailed for two years.

Born and raised in Canada, my Canadian lineage dates back to 1903. This country is built on free speech, and I’ll be damned if some Hamas thugs, and their obedient shills in Trudeau’s police force, scare me into silence.

In the case of this particular ad from local community activists, the images included pro-Hamas gangs shutting down Toronto's streets.

Local law enforcement suggested a hate crime may have been committed by airing those ads. A crime!

Toronto police have yet to arrest pro-Hamas street gangs for antisemitic hate crimes. Instead, they handed out coffee and Timbits in a bid to cross the divide.  

In Trudeau’s Canada, you’re allowed to support terrorism. But you can't criticize it. That sounds more like 1984 than 2024.

GUEST: Rebel News Contributor, Andy Lee speaks on the alleged foreign interference committed by several MPs.

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