Canada's left-wing circus comes to censor Rebel News

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In front of me, Toronto City Hall. Behind me, a billboard truck.

Tonight, on the Ezra Levant Show, I report from downtown Toronto visiting Nathan Phillips Square, and then Toronto Police headquarters with the Rebel News' billboard truck.

On it are messages paid by a third party advertiser. Canadians opposed to the occupation of our streets and campuses.

The ads on that truck have raised the ire of the censorious left.

Like mayor Olivia Chow, but also new radical censors who support Hamas.

In Trudeau’s Canada, you’re allowed to support terrorism. But you can't criticize it.

In a bizarre turn of events, the Toronto police launched an investigation Thursday into Rebel News, claiming this billboard truck hate speech.

Though the bar to convict someone under s.319 of the Criminal Code is incredibly high, I face the prospects of serving jail time.

But, there is zero chance this billboard comes within a country mile of constituting a hate crime.

People take out ads like these is because they're tired of being let down by politicians and law enforcement. Many from the media have also let them down.

Toronto is in decline, and a lot of that decline is attributed to crime. Meanwhile, Toronto's finest remain by the sidelines.

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